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The submissions were numerous, and overall quality was quite good; we had a difficult time winnowing down the field to a manageable level. In the end, in fact, we chose to widen the prize pool; there were three strips that didn't place in the top 3 slots, but still, we felt, merited recognition. Stuntmutt chose to sketch an Honorable Mention prize for these. (Ideally, we'd have been able to give honorable mention prizes to over a dozen strips that we felt were very, very good... but you have to draw the line somewhere. So to speak.)

The first and second prize winners were contacted, and given their options for prizes. The First Prize strip, submitted by Sep7imus, will receive a framed, hand-drawn version of this image:

Prize Strip - first choice

The Second Prize strip, submitted by BOLL, will receive a similar version of this image:

Prize Strip - second choice

The Third Prize strip, submitted by Sam Koch, earns this image:

Prize Strip - third choice

(Mr. Koch has not yet responded to email about his success; he cannot receive this prize until Stuntmutt knows where to send it.)

The three Honorable Mention strips (submitted by Patroclus, Neil Corné, and Max Power), will all receive a hand-drawn (but unframed) image that looks something like this:

Consolation prize

Congratulations to all winners, and thanks to all entrants - without your work, this wouldn't have been nearly as fun!


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